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Theatre Improvements 2016 to date

Callington Amateur Drama Society purchased the building that was to become the Prim-Raf Theatre in 1965, but it was by no means a new structure.  With at least 150 years of history and many different uses in its time, the building has always provided challenges to the Society and has definitely shown its age.  It has long been the ambition of the Society to improve the building and by 2014, the need had become pressing if the theatre's future was to be secured.


The Committee secured grant funding, which allowed us to make major improvements to the structure and décor, but there is always more to do. 

This page shows some of the work that has been carried out with our plans.

Downstairs Public Areas
PR Concept image reception and refreshments.jpg

Our public areas were old and tired, with poor natural lighting and a 'rabbit warren' feel, which was created by many doors and walls.


During 2016, our entire downstairs area was remodelled, with walls and doors removed, floors levelled and much better use of the space has been accomplished. 

Work is now complete and our visitors now enter through large glass doors into a spacious lobby; there are new toilet facilities to the left and a natural flow through to the downstairs bar area which is open-plan, offering a much more inviting space for the public to congregate prior to performances and enjoy their refreshments.


The auditorium improvements have been installed and include modern stage lighting, complemented by improved sound equipment.  We have also installed art deco house lighting which really celebrates the nature of the building. 

The theatre has now had fresh paint, brand new stage curtains and new curtains for the windows have been installed, along with new carpeting. 

We also have new theatre seating, which is both removable, allowing us an open space, or we can place seating in alternative ways.


New Flexible Seating

With our new seating, which is removable and allows a flexible seating option, this opens up the floor area, so the theatre can be used in multiple ways. 

We would welcome the opportunity to make our space available to local groups for all sorts of activities in the future.

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